Power Amplifier

Mains ready
stepper motor power amplifiers
WSE 04.230 AC V01 and
WSE 06.230 AC V01

Stepper motor power amplifiers
WSE 04.80.V01 and WSE 08.80.V01
in compact housing

Power amplifier boards
series SE...V31/V33 and SE P05...V2

Panel mountage
19-inch rack system ELK/ELR
Power supplies NT
Board holder KH-SE_01
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    Stepper motor power amplifier boards
      Power amplifier boards series SE...V31/V33 and SE P05...V2:
bipolare control of 2-phases stepper motors – chopper functional principle

eurocard format 100x160mm with 32 pole connector (DIN 41612 type D)
for installation into standard 19 inch 3 height units rack
1A until 14,5A phase currents and 24 VDC until 240 VDC voltage supply

series SE ... V31/V33 with standard step resolutions
– via DIP-switch selectable 200, 400, 500, 800 and 1000 steps/revolution

microstepping series SE P05...V2 – via DIP-switch selectable until 12800 steps/rev
for optimal, free of vibrations true motor running

basic functions easy adjustable via DIP switches
(step angle, activating phase current reduction and input signal level)

input signals for all versions: pulse, direction, disable,
boost, reset and external switching of step angle
output signal: ready signal respectively error signal
LEDs for quick and easy control of board status

electronical protection against short circuit (motor phases),
over temperature (of power amplifier) and under voltage
compatible to former STÖGRA / ZEBOTRONICS power amplifier versions

version SE ... E50 with encoder input to control motor load angle
(in case of an interrupt of the motor running because of a mechanical overload
an error signal will be generated)

together with our ELK/ELR-rack system also available as mains ready single
or multiple axis stepper motor control
SE 400.12.120 V33 SE 400.06.85 V33 SE 400.04.85 V33 SE 400.02.24 V33
phasen current: phasen current: phasen current: phasen current:
0 – 14,5 A/Ph 0 – 8,4 A/Ph 0 – 5,6 A/Ph 0 – 2,8 A/Ph
voltage supply: voltage supply: voltage supply: voltage supply:
60 – 120VDC 50 – 85VDC 50 – 85VDC 20 – 70VDC
      SE amplifier boards are available in different power versions. The various versions differ in
adjustable phase current, voltage supply range, and in the step angle resolution.
      power amplifer SE...V31/33 and SE P05...V2 – data sheet (176 KByte)
        stepping motor controls catalogue 2015 – catalogue (1854 KByte)
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