Position Controls
New functions
Special features
with Profibus-DP interface
with PROFIdrive interface
with CANopen interface
with encoder
with Closed Loop control

Eurocard format
for 19 inch mountage

Panel mount / 19 inch rack system
with integrated power supply

WSERS – Position control
in compact housing

Overview programming
with PC or SERS Programmer
SERS Programmer 2
Examples programming SERS drives
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      SERS-Programmer 2:
    low priced programming device, in case no PC can be used
easy to use control panel, e.g. for using in a produktion facility,
for modifying certain parameters or program lines
      Special features of the SERS-Programmers 2
the keypad with integrated 16x4 character display is suitable
also for dirty environments (frontside IP65 protection degree)
    colored marking of the threefold configuration of the keypad keys
      Standard mode:
      pre-defined standard menu with following possibilities:
setup parameters in the SERS-control
setup / modify operation programs in the SERS-control

possibility of locking or releasing certain parameters
and program lines via a password

free definable text in the display for single value asignements,
in an operational program

start / stop manual drive functions (jog) and homing,
via keys at the SERS-Programmer
start / stop of SERS-operational programs

start / stop of a Master-/Slave-system with one SERS as Master
and further SERS as Slaves

display of digital Inputs and Outputs
(e.g. for verifying the SERS-I/Os during setup / installation of a machine)
terminal function for communications with SERS-controls

available as housed version (hand device),
or for installing in 19’’ systems (e.g. STÖGRA ELK and ELR-racks),
respectively for integrating into any kind of control / operator panels
      Extended programming mode: :

free programmable customer specific operator menus
(ready menu examples exist), for realising simple menus
with single level (see example below), and also menus with multiple levels

free assignment of SERS-Programmer 2 keys to
customer specific programmable functions
operational program can be stored completely in the SERS-Programmer 2


Master-Slave-system with SERS-Programmer 2 as Master
and all SERS drives as Slaves
      Simple example for extended programming mode: :
Via a SERS-Programmer 2 the machine operator shall modify just the travel distance, and he shall start and stop the operational program.
The menu, which can be accessed by the operator, shall be as simple as possible.
In the adjacent example, with key F1 the travel distance can be modified. With F3 the operational program (hidden in the background) can be started, and via the key »STOP« (unique key which is labelled with »stop«) the program respectively the motor movement can be stopped.

Display of SERS-Programmer 2
SERS Programmer 2R SERS Programmer 2
        position control SERS/WSERS and SERS Programmer 2 – single data sheet (641 KByte)
        stepping motor controls catalogue 2015 – catalogue (1838 KByte)
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