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    STÖGRA stepper motors – special versions
      IP68 Motor
      Version Z9
All motor series from STÖGRA are available optionally with protection class IP68. The IP68 motors
are tested under water with 1 bar pressure (corresponds to operation of motor in 10m water depth).
Typical applications for IP68 motors are, beside underwater are any plants outside (e.g. faced to rain)
or in the food industry, where motors are cleaned with water. The motors include special sealings
and some special parts as special flanges). Options »brake« and »encoder« are also possible for
IP68 motors. IP68 motors need to be ordered with the extension »Z9« in the type designation.
• Ordering example : SM 87.2.18M6 E50 Z9
  SM 87.2.18M6 Z9
      Version Z177
Generally we recommend to order our IP68 motors with additional special coating for protection
against corrosion (see also Special coating against corrosion Z119 / Z177).
ordering indication for »Z9« and special coated: Z177
• Ordering example: SM 87.2.18M6 E50 Z177
      Version Z321
A further available version is for salty seawater and environments with chemical additives
(e.g. water with chlorine - swimming pools, or water with other aggressive cleaning compounds).
This version includes:
   - IP68 protection class
   - aluminium parts (flange, cast connectionbox, backcover) anodised
   - stator surface nickel-plated
   - special coating
ordering indication: Z321

• Ordering example: SM 87.2.18M6 E50 Z321
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